Steven Ndukwu is a videographer, video marketer and a content curator. He helps businesses and personal brands optimize their online presence with online video and video marketing technique.

Steven graduated from the University of Calabar with a B.Sc in Economics. However, while in school, he realised being an economist was not want he wanted to do in life and after attending few seminars, event and read some books on personal development, branding and entrepreneurship, steven found a career and ventured into becoming a creative entrepreneur.

steven, started his entrepreneurial career as a graphic designer working for a media agency, then web designer freelancing on several platforms before his love for making videos emerged out of the blue, to cut the long story short, steven is now a full-time videographer and video marketer, teaching organizations video marketing techniques and curating engaging content on the internet.

over the years, Steven has worked with industries ranging from Finance, media, to FMCG, Custom retail and clothing, and so many thought leaders.

Steven is the convener of VidLive summit, and he is set to release his first book this year (2019) Titled “kill your competition with video marketing”  which will lay out the underlining principles of dominating your industry with online video.

Steven youtube channel is an embodiment of insight and knowledge, feel free to subscribe here and reach out to Steven on his other social media platforms.

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